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You can add Categories to help you organize your widgets.

  1. Click on Widget settings and then on Categories
  2. Click on Add and you can type your category
  3. To add a category to a specific widget, you must go to Edit widget

Change Password

You can change the password in two ways.



If you want to send a widget to someone, first you must add them to your contact list.

  1. Click on Contacts (the handshake) and then on the Add tab
  2. Type the email address to the person you want to add
  3. The person will receive a request from you and must accept it before you can send a widget

Create an Account

There are two types of account.


Edit account

You can add your full name and address here.

  1. Click on Account settings and then Edit account
  2. Fill in the form and click Go
  3. Done!

Edit widget

There are many different things you can change about the widget.

  1. Click on Edit widget (the pen) on the Widget
  2. Change the parameters you want to change
  3. Click Go and the widget is changed

The things you can change



If someone sends you a contact requested, you will receive a Notification.

  1. Click Notifications
  2. If you click Action you will go to Pending contacts without the notification being deleted
  3. If you want to remove the notification, click Delete

Public Link

When you want to construct your own public link, do the following.

  1. Start with this base URL:
  2. Add your username at the end of it
  3. Paste it into your browser
  4. Done!

The link is also visible in Account settings


Restore Widget

If you have deleted one or more widgets you can restore them.

  1. Click Widget settings and then Restore
  2. Enter a start and end date
  3. If you have widgets that have been deleted during that time span they will appear among your other widgets

Send a Widget

You can send a widget to someone on your contacts list.

  1. Click Send to a Friend (the head) on the Widget
  2. Select the contact you want to send to
  3. You can also type a message that will go along with your widget

Tell a Friend

If you want to tell your friends about you can use Tell a Friend.

  1. Click the Tell a Friend button
  2. Write your full name and your friend's email
  3. Your friend will receive an email with information about


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